I’m Managing The ERGO Network With My ERG


Let me explain the things that made me think about this. What do my ERG’S do? Let’s decide, am I buying ERG to make money and invest, or am I buying it because it will really be useful elsewhere? If I buy it to make money, I will probably sell it after making a profit. Maybe I will buy it a few more times at most. However, if I buy ERG for a job and even if I make money after buying it, I don’t want to sell it, then okay, ERG is really successful now.

These are exactly the things to be discussed here.

  1. The majority considers ERG as an investment and buys it to make money.

  2. The majority buys ERG because this currency is very useful and very important.

Now let’s get your opinion, which option is in the majority? Yes, actually Option 1 is always at the forefront. Unfortunately, the ERGO Platform cannot grow with people who buy for make money. I am quite saddened when I see topics such as Twitter advertising, Stock Exchange listings suggestions on the Ergo.


Stock exchange listings are directly proportional to demand. What we actually need is to increase demand. If demand increases, stock exchanges list. So how do we do that? Buy a coffee machine, reading this article will take an hour of your time and thinking about it will take months.



Political elections in the real world have always seemed illogical to me. Everyone has one vote and everyone is equal. Isn’t that extremely illogical? Don’t get angry right away. Let me explain. Imagine a person who has dedicated years to studying and self-improvement, who is beneficial and developing for humanity, with a high level of intelligence and discipline, hardworking. Just like an ant. Now imagine a second person. Strolling around, ignorant and clueless! No education, no target, no dicipline. Now these two people go to vote and both of them have one vote each. Is this fair now?

In my dreams, I always used to watch a special machine being developed and this machine would allocate voting rights to everyone according to how successful, hardworking, dicipline and knowledgeable they are. Successful people would get 10,000 voting rights but the least successful would only get 1 voting right. That’s what I call justice!

Unfortunately, we don’t yet have the technology to implement this in the real world, and perhaps we never will. But in the ERGO network we can achieve exactly this. One person, one vote? No, one ERG, one vote. Smart people who are successful and want to manage the ERG network accumulate ERGs. If you are a community member and not an ERG owner, if you haven’t purchased even 1 ERG yet, why should we let you vote when there is an election? However, if you have full confidence in the ERG network and support ERG financially and morally, you have the right to vote as you are successful, and your success level depends on your ERG presence.

I can hear you asking this: So what if the rich manage the ERG network? My answer to you is this; okay this is impossible but if you couldn’t accumulate enough ERG even when it was only $1? And if impossibly 51%+ of the ERG funds fell into the hands of one or a few rich people, would these people do something that would negatively affect on the ERG network? Would someone who has invested all his wealth in ERG do the smallest thing to harm the ERG network? Of course no. This person will do his best for the growth of the ERGO network but more importantly, he will never harm ERG.

Let’s have a hypothetical election in the ERG network. This is a hypothetical election, don’t consider its feasibility. John wants to transition the Network from Proof-Of-Work to Proof-Of-Stake. To be able to start an independent voting process, he needs to pay 100 ERG to Ergo Foundation. The Foundation evaluates whether this is a feasible proposal and if there is even the slightest chance of realization, and if the explanations and presentation are sufficient, they also receive 100 ERG payment from John and start a new election in the network. If the explanations and presentation are insufficient for the Ergo Foundation, they only indicate that more details are needed. The Ergo Foundation will be never says no, never says we will not accept this offer, never says will not put it to a vote!

Explanation of John’s Proposal;

Elections are open to the public and can be followed with instant results from the same address.
Go to this address to vote with your wallet:

Don’t forget that you have 7 days to vote. There are 2 options in this election, I support POS or I support POW. Click on the election screen in the relevant area to vote, your supported wallet will open and you can send as much ERG as you want to support. There will be no network interruption for your ERG transfers and refunds. After 7 days, all ERGs will be automatically returned to the address they came from. If you wish, you can manually send your votes to this address:

For POS: 9esqEGrsKGiqDEeg86tVvgcufakewallet

For POW: 9esqEGrsKGiqDEeg86tVvgcgfakewallet

Let’s vote!


We can do great things after the elections start. The first proposal is to elect a president for the Ergo Foundation. Until the system settles, president elections are held every 6 months for the first 4 years. In the following 4 years, president elections are held every year, and at the end of these 4 years, elections are held every 2 years and the cycle continues in this way.

So what do these presidents do? The president is responsible for many tasks such as growing and developing the ERG network, providing stabilization, and fulfilling promises. He quickly resolves all the work that the community has lost time on. The president can be rich and knowledgeable, willing and experienced, we choose the person carefully. If he fails and does not fulfill his promises, we can change him. We can even hold an early election!

Developers are the backbone of ERG but they must listen to the president except for CORE updates. If the update is very large, such as transitioning from POW to POS, then an interim election should be held. So the Ergo Foundation should publish a large statute & rules for presidents.


What I mentioned may seem very distant to you. You may find the elections logical and may not agree on the president issue, or vice versa. You can say that these features have never been found in any blockchain network before. Yes, I agree, there are no presidential elections and token-based elections in any network, but we are creating a revolution here. If being better was enough, ERG would be more valuable than Bitcoin. At least we would be better than SHIBA, which has no clear goal and purpose and offers nothing. Being better is not enough, we must also be different!

Those who understand the goal of the revolution will always have the power to protect and protect it.
Mustafa Kemal Ataturk


  • Create a election application.

  • Create approved voting wallets.

  • Make elections public and anyone have 100ERG can create election.

  • Do presidential elections.

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