RX570 and RX580 4gb setting

Why doesn’t the hashrate change?
I flashed three video cards with polaris
XFX RX570 4gb Hynix was 48, now 64 (1200, 2000, 900)
Powercolor RX580 4gb Samsung was 56, left 56 (1200, 2250 945)
Sapphire RX 570 4gb Elpida was 50, left 50 (1200, 2000, 900)

I did this:
1- download gpu Bios from hiveos
2- download polaris editor and open the bios (make backup)
3- click “one click timing patch” and press all ok
4- save as at moded_bios
5- in hiveos load the new bios gpu (reboot after upload), search in youtube tutorial, is easy.
6- make oc with this settings
Core 1200 VDD 900 MEM 2000

Upd: Sorry for the English, translated through a translator.
Upd2: I solved the problem, rebooted the farm a couple of times, Everywhere on 64.


Can u please upload ur OC Setting Chart