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Discussion around using some of the Sigmanauts Treasury to fund advertisement on Twitter.

From @mahatma

What about using some of the sig Treasury to advertise some Ergo Platform posts on Twitter? Might increase awareness? We could target users that already follow IOHK

Personally, if we decide to do it, I think we should target people following the Chainlink page as I believe they would recognise Ergo’s capabilities and uniqueness. I could prepare some slides that compare the two chains if we decide to do that


Honestly it might be better to target demographics that are less informed about our “direct competitors”. There is a group of wondering crypto enthusiasts out there yet to be come tribalistic… so maybe keeping it more generalized when doing target marketing… focusing on “#cryptocurrency” or something like that … find the potential users that are searching for a place to belong too. Make ergo there first ecosystem experience after Coinbase :rofl:

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It was pointed out, I believe by limebread, that it would be wise to target twitter users outside of N. America. Specifically, Europeans have BitPanda and can buy at will from euros.

But also, Africa (particularly Nigeria), Asia, etc. They all have market access, and money spent appealing to USA twitter users, and USA prime time views, is just a waste until we get better access to purchase.

This makes sense to me. But if there is to be generic crypto-twitter outreach, I am in the camp with @mahatma in that Cardano users are an obvious source of new participants, liquidity, and interoperability with that chain that is being delivered by Rosen, Spectrum, Zengate, etc.

General crypto twitter appeals would need to compete with all the other get-rich schemes, air drops, “first 500 are free” NFT’s, and the endless barrage of bullcrap that makes the general public want to never engage with crypto twitter. I’d almost rather reach out to econ twitter or even (geo)political twitter, although the latter is fraught with emotion. Smart people that usually dismiss crypto twitter but might listen to a well worded appeal to the Ergo Manifesto. You might be surprised by how many disappointed cypherpunks are lurking in the establishment.

Cardano twitter people are sort of pre-filtered for the most part, and therefore most likely to see our strengths and usefullness.

I don’t love twitter, but I will support spend on targeted ads, within some reasonable guidelines. My opinions above are meant to further the discussion about how and how much.


Having BitPanda is nice, but unless they’re registered there already (which is more likely to be the case in Austria/Germany and surrounding countries) then the barrier is about the same. Agree cyberpunk/manifesto is a good angle to get some high quality conversions.

I think most big advertisers have pulled out so it could be a good opportunity to get some cheap visibility comparatively.

Looks like it can be targetted based on hashtag. I picked some out of a hat and also selected ‘Let X optimise your reach’ which brings it to an estimated reach of 25M people at a budget of £555.38/week ($700)

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Perosnally, I would have two advertising campaigns:

  1. advertise Rosenbridge to people following IOHK or following the #Cardano hashtag (maybe we can split the ad bill with the Rosen team as it benefits them as well?)

  2. advertise ergo capabilities to people following the following hashtags:
    I believe that people in those communities value the tech behind a project and would like to deep dove into Ergo.

I advise against using the Manifesto as a bait, most cypherpunks are dead nowadays, people like tech, but the narrative of freedom via blockchain is cold right now because imho
. I’d rather use technology capabilities and innovation as a bait.

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The cyberpunks aren’t dead, just sleeping :slight_smile:

Unfortunately most of the ones I know are more focused on XMR and don’t see the value in programmability. So maybe not the best target atm.

Manifesto/freedom-via-blockchain is a strong pull for anyone outside the crypto ecosystem though. It’s one thing that can appeal to (part of) the general public without much understanding of tech/innovation (if framed right).


From @_qx

FYI, with a donation from @mahatma_c and some of my funds we pushed two targeted ads tonight…

one points to sigmaverse and is targeted at chainlink, the other pushes to sigmaverse and rosen and is targeted at cardano…just doing this to get the feel and our feet wet. will share results when it runs out of money, hopefully soon.

Starting a week long campaign today as soon as twitter pulls its head out of its ass. 300 euro spread out over 7 days focusing on rsn and what ergo can offer those crossing over. Vote was here:


4 days so far


Wow, 5000 visits to sigmaverse, or is that from someone clicking on the tweet?

An impression would just be the promoted tweet apearing on the screen, even if someone scrolled past quickly?

Thats a lot of impressions!

Whats the promoted tweet? Have a link to it? Oh maybe its promoting any nee tweets by ergo platform?

I noticed the vote for hiring a ada twitter influencer to promote ergo as well. We talking about that here, or where? I guess maybe the sig meetings…

This ergo forum is freaking me out. feels more formal somehow and i feel i need to think about whatbim saying carefully before posting. Thats good, but im counter acting it…

yo! yeah, impressions are just showing up on the page, the clicks are clicking through to rosen website or sigmaverse.

austen decided to have greasy fund the influencer with greasy after that community was positive to the opportunity!

the current ad is here.

Thanks for the clarification onntje twitter ad.

Ah thats cool! Go Austen :slight_smile: