ErgoPlatform Update 04.10.2019

"An update (will do them periodically again until a new road show)

The road show was highly successful. In particular, we’re now talking with some Korean and Vietnamese exchanges, there is a small team now starting decentralized pool development, we’ve got new fans and hundreds of business cards.

HotBit listing announced . Listing will take place likely within few days after holidays in China( Oct, 1st - 7th). Within few days after listing we’ll have AMA session for HotBit users.

New listings are coming!

External developers are reporting that they’re testing pricing oracles and non-interactive coin mixing. With the oracles we can do loan contracts, mutual credit systems and other DeFi (decentralized finance) applications.

3.1.1 is coming with simplified user-friendly interface added.

There’s enough new features for 3.1.2 as well, e.g. a new version of language interpreter with much improved performance.

And please note, unlike Bitcoin and Ethereum, where formal verification techniques took years to appear around, in Ergo a crowdfunding contract used in practice has some formally verified properties just within 3 months after launch, see Simple Crowdfunding for details.

So everything is going well, if you want to help us, please join the community, spread the word and hodl!"

Update from Alex Chepurnoy

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