ErgoPlatform Update 05.11.2019

"Please try the new simplified ui (in 3.1.3 release) and let us know how the UI can be improved (you can do this by opening a new Github issue)

Roadmap for next versions:
3.1.x - improved serialization, NiPoPoW proof generation, candidate block generation with provided transactions included (needed for decentralized pools)
3.2.0 - Improved database storage for UTXO set, EIP-0001 (external applications support)
3.2.x - multisig (ring / threshold signatures) support

3.1.x code is mostly done and under review.

Applications development:

Current ETA for decentralized pool launch is 6-7 weeks.
“Sininen taivas” has rolled out oracle script delivering GAU (gram of gold) price on the ergo blockhain:
Interest-free loan contract code is done: Interest-Free Loan Contract
Auctions on top of Ergo: Auctions On Ergo

Ecosystem Decentralization & Anti-fragility:

Development Fund Board established. It has 6 members: mx, herb_mentalist, Justin Simpson, mobybit, morphic and me. If you want to get funding from the fund, please contact a Board member. Majority is needed to approve a spending.

We are looking for more core and ecosystem contributors, app developers, community leaders and so on. Please come to the community!"

Update from Alex Chepurnoy

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