Ergo Yoroi Wallet get error code 500

Please help to fix this… for 2 month i’m using this wallet fully function well… Today suddenly appear this error 500… all my transaction history and coin inside the wallet didn’t show up… and get message with “NEVER SYCNED”

I am having the same issue. My Yoroi wallet was functioning and then it stopped syncing. I clicked on the button to Resync Wallet and now I’m getting the message “NEVER SYNCED”. I’ve looked at the logs and I’m seeing this error message:

RemoteFetcher::getTransactionsHistoryForAddresses error: {
“fileName”: “moz-extension://8ea871f0-a95e-43e3-b9ca-95595ae113ea/js/46.bundle.js”,
“lineNumber”: 2,
“columnNumber”: 31769,
“message”: “Request failed with status code 400”,
“config”: {}