Ergo Raffle should be renamed

It seems that community crowd-funding is really driving the ergo raffle.

Might I suggest we rename it to “Ergo Crowdfund Raffle”?

I think that could drive more people to use it. If people start to see an opportunity for raising money they will come to it.

Maybe also add a way to add pictures (in the form of NFTs) as part of the raffle proposal. And when someone donates, let them send a message with it. I really want to link some of the proposals to linkedin account, which could bring more tech people to be interested in ergo. It’s just that I don’t want to promote something that I can’t have some level of reasonable “assurance” of.

Hope I don’t sound demanding. I just want to be able to get more involved.


Thanks for reaching out.
I’m open to change the name, however, I prefer “Ergo Raffle” over “Ergo Crowdfund Raffle”.
The coming UI has lots of improvements, including ‘Photos’; I think using NFT pictures will be an obstacle for lots of raffle creators.
Sending notes with donations is really interesting. I will work on it. Thanks.


Pictures and messages with donations will be excellent contributions.

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