DarkFund0 - ZK Fund for privacy applications

kushti is guiding me through node and distributed sig client installation, then we will set a fund up.

The fund is for testing ZK Treasury, and also to sponsor new developments in regards with privacy and private DeFi. The fund called DarkFund0.

I will put 2,000 Ergs into the fund (via the mixer for sure). I hope miners and whales will put some ergs also. However, at this point the main need is to test the ZK Treasury.

At least anon_real, me and kushti will be in the board. We welcome anyone to join though.


We have 6,000 Ergs collected! Thanks @Martin-mx , @filippounits ! New donations much appreciated, just send to this address from any wallet: 2BggBDgr9nAP7qn7pTHhnuf3GvSKcdFk6Xd9o2jopeeG94dNcbqKNFoXLNVENytqtjkNScC7dSD86YbrQiN45ChwAj4xBeUP9sn96r2m79zJ3YudrMZEJ5iTqMe2xMgMwHDi3HjrJkiNNnQiWiCVrZ1db9MzfgNqxzc1jbMZMtfKftPyNUZwkRFjTzYq3zDYFWmWi7KAS5ECBjRBkpwae2AJ1sZf9p9CEdDMa9AQLSpkfxbKYTcFVvB7jWdFC1sgBrxiaYrofJharuCw3

(explorer: https://explorer.ergoplatform.com/en/addresses/2BggBDgr9nAP7qn7pTHhnuf3GvSKcdFk6Xd9o2jopeeG94dNcbqKNFoXLNVENytqtjkNScC7dSD86YbrQiN45ChwAj4xBeUP9sn96r2m79zJ3YudrMZEJ5iTqMe2xMgMwHDi3HjrJkiNNnQiWiCVrZ1db9MzfgNqxzc1jbMZMtfKftPyNUZwkRFjTzYq3zDYFWmWi7KAS5ECBjRBkpwae2AJ1sZf9p9CEdDMa9AQLSpkfxbKYTcFVvB7jWdFC1sgBrxiaYrofJharuCw3 )

Now, we are looking for grant applications. Committee includes me, @kushti, @anon_real , @Martin-mx , @filippounits . Topics are following:

  • new privacy-preserving designs, optimizations and security of existing ones
  • instructional materials for the mixer, zk treasury, how to achieve financial privacy in general
  • promotional materials and campaigns for Ergo privacy tools

Please send one of us PM here or on the discord to apply, or just bump this thread with your proposal.