D. Meshkov is leaving Ergo core

Hi, Ergo community!

Ergo mainnet is already live for three months and operates as an autonomous and resilient network. You may have noticed that I’m not so active in Ergo development since the launch - I made a step away from day-to-day operations reflecting about the future.

Finally, I’ve decided that the best choice will be to leave the Ergo core team. While that was a tough decision for me, I’m pretty confident the remaining team will take the project to new levels. And for sure I’ll continue to support the project from the outside as a part of Ergo community!

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Thank you for all the work you’ve put into the project up to this point. Best of luck to wherever you end up next.

Hi Dmitry, thanks so much for your dedication and effort.

I first heard about Ergo through your presentation at the Genesis London Conference early last year.

Best of luck for your future endeavours!

Sorry to see you go. Thanks for your effort into this project. Hope you will join back in future.