Community Request: Is there an official term for 100ERG?

I thought it would be a reasonable idea to unofficially refer to the exact amount of 100ERG as a “KUSHTI”

The reason is that colloquially a 100USD Note is referred to as a “Benjamin” because it has Benjamin Franklin’s face on the note.

Considering @kushti puts himself in a nice suit for the ecosystem on many occasions, his face is effectively on the ERGO token in our minds.

However, because the Ergo Platform will be here far longer than all of us here will be around to keep it in our minds, I see it only fitting that we attempt to encode his name, out of respect, directly into the culture.

And to be clear, it is NOT all about the KUSHTIs; It’s about ergonomics in economics.



Just a quick comment,
the native token used for education purposes: KUSHTI’s, I actually released with an attempt to replace the official term of the smallest units of Erg’s and hoping that it would catch on similar to the smallest unit of Bitcoin being sats, my intention was to honor the work kushti put into the development of Ergo, sooo yaaa, good luck!
Although the KUSHTI’s have been adopted and used for testing and education all throughout the community the term nano erg is still used often (I even use it) and it is going to be difficult to get our vast community to adopt such things unless there is goodreason for it.


1,000,000microerg = 1,000milierg = 1 erg

kushti = any relatively “small” amount of erg

This is the way. It gives room for useful, suspenseful word usage if the price goes either way.

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It makes sense like when folk in the UK say a bag of sand they’re actually referring to £1000.

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It’s definitely intended to be a slang term, not an officially or technical term by any means, and I had no idea that was a term in the UK :smiley:

That’s exactly the same sentiment as it’s rooted in the history of the coinage.

Where a sand bag worth of coin… based on how coinage was weighed, It’s meaningful and historic.

In the US, some people refer to that a “BAND” as in the amount of cash needed to be wrapped in a paper/rubber-band…

Just as we no longer weigh coins against a bags of sand, Kushti will not be an active developer on Ergo forever but 100 ERG in anyone’s wallet could be have someone sitting #Kushti :smiley:

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It comes from Cockney rhyming slang one of my favorites Cock and hen 10 ‘deep-sea diver’ which is £5 (a fiver) it would be cool to see what we could come up with for ERGO alternatives. My friend always says a skin diver for a fiver lol.

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