USD-only crypto wallet

Once I received (ERC-20) USDT into Exodus wallet. However, as wallet was empty before, it wasn’t possible to send them out without getting some ETH to pay fees.

However, in Ergo we can do better, so it possible to have a wallet with just USD shown to users, with mining fees (and min ERG value for a UTXO created) to be paid under the hood via a special contract converting USD to ERG, similarly to “fee emission contract” already used in the ErgoMixer (see Paying fee in ErgoMix in primary tokens for details).

Then the wallet can have very simple UI, understandable by non-crypto users, and also using crypto features, e.g. stealth addresses and mixer for privacy.


I love this feature! I struggled with the same situation as you before. Really just shows that Ethereum devs didn’t thought through such situations. Any idea when this feature will be implemented on Ergo mainnet?


Can this hinder the evaluation of the native token (ERG)? I don’t think so, as it will make the portfolio more intuitive and gain adoption. With adoption, more people in the community holding ERG. I recently had a problem with the BSC wallet. I believed that the BUSD would be sufficient to pay gas fees. It was frustrating.


Well, ERG would be used under the hood anyway, the usage will be just hidden for the end user

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If anyone is going to work on this, let me know. I will try to help with the UX of a “lite” wallet.