Blockchain Social-Media Strategy


Nostr is a decentralized network based on cryptographic keypairs and that is not peer-to-peer; it is super simple and scalable and therefore has a chance of working. Read more about the protocol.

Launched in December, seems to be picking up some steam

Easiest place to get started is via the iris web client

Community is small at the moment but growing, and may be a valuable channel to get relevant news to Bitcoin maxis. (Cypherpunk, Rosen Bridge, etc).

  • There is a Reddit clone in development at However, it seems to be mostly inactive at the moment.
  • lets you find your Twitter followers on Nostr.

Other Blockchain-powered socials

Here’s a list of all the other blockchain-powered socials I found;

Website Blockchain Year Founded Clone-of Members
Nostr Bitcoin 2022 Several 400k
Steemit Steem 2016 Reddit 1.3M
bisonrelay Decred 2022 Twitter
Lens Aave 2022 Twitter
Orbis Ceramic Network 2022 Twitter
Minds Eth 2015 Twitter 6M
Peepeth Eth 2018 Twitter 55k
Blurt Eth Twitter Cosmos/Solana 2021 Twitter
panquake PanQuake 2023 Twitter

I’ve not spent much time exploring these yet, but I imagine most will be insular and not open to hearing about Ergo.


rustinmyeye, [5 Feb 2023 at 13:42:00]:
Hey Ergonauts, give Ergo Platform a follow on Nostr. Plenty of developers, crypto people, and decentralization enthusiasts over there. I think we could bring some of them over to Ergo or at least pique their curiosity.

I only just created it, but I’ll try to keep up with posting things from the Ergo twitter…