1060 3gb mining at 48 Mhs

hello I’m eth miner, but my friend have a 1060 3gb model, and he can not mine eth or rvn cause he’s using windows, so I found ergo, and after some tests he managed to get around 48 mhs, idk why or how

config: power limit 95, core clock +210, memory clock +830

with a 1060 he suppoed to get around 30 mhs is tha correct?, so any explains?

print screen: Screenshot - e1f24fb40492ee936c62c8696d00e2da - Gyazo

30MH/s is for ethash so Ethereum etc.
With Ergo you get a lot higher hashrate. I’ve found that you get about double wich also makes sense for your 1060 3GB

i tried your setting on raveOS but only get 43,6Mh/s
1060 3G Micron vram

I’m getting 48-50 with a 1070

nbminer.exe -a ergo -o stratum+tcp://pool:0000 -u wallet.workername --mt 5

palit gtx 1060 dual 3gb (vram samsung) = 50 MH/s
core clock +0
memory clock +300