Yoroi wallet not allowing me transfer my NFTs

For seveal onths now my Yoroi wallet will not stay open and complete a transfer of my NFTs to another wallet. I can’t trade my NFTs out of my wallet. Why is this happening? Do I need to upgrade my wallet. It is >1 year since I created it.

Use a wallet listed here: GetErg | Ergo Platform. Notice yoroi is no longer recommended. Many experience issue, best to use another wallet

I ahve amny NFTs within my Yoroi wallet (>200 NFTs). Cna I easily transfer them to one of these wallets or must it be a singular NFT at a time transfer? It would be great if I could move them as one batch.

everything including the nfts are stored on the blockchain. The wallets like yoroi or any from the list allow you to view and interact with the blockchain easier. All you would have to do is restore your wallet and everything will be there.

If Its easier to visualize its like opening your email on another computer. You just have to sign in (restore your wallet using your seed phrase) and everything is there.

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Thank you. Much apprecaited.

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