Yoroi not syncing

Tried in chrome, restored in Edge, still just spins forever… how to resolve this issue? Just wait?
I see the notification to change wallet in near future, it will be dropped.

Hopefully you kept your seed phrase (since you said you restored in edge). Yoroi gave up the ghost a while ago.

If you want a good simple browser wallet with dapps, try Nautilus. If you want bells and whistles, try SAFEW. If you want to run a node, try Satergo.

All available from here: GetErg | Ergo Platform

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Thx Grayman Nautilus works perfect… I can just remove yoroi now without issues, right? Thanks a bunch!

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yup, if you’ve restored the wallet onto naut then your good. Just as a reminder make sure you got your seed phrases for all the wallets on yoroi before deleting it.

I already have same thing. I want to acces to my assets with Yoroi and got zero. Even, got a message (Wallet never sync).

Please, let me know how to proccede to get the assets.

Thanks in advance.

Please see second response Yoroi not syncing - #2 by Grayman