ERGO Analytics Proposal


I work with PYOR, a blockchain analytics firm backed by Coinbase and Castle Island Ventures. We have worked with protocols like Compound, Tezos, Quickswap, and ICP to build custom analytics dashboards and research reports.

We have worked very closely with the foundation/community to cater to their data needs, as we’ve realized that there is no one-size-fits-all solution, it varies based on the protocol’s stage and needs.

I Wanted to check with the Ergo community/foundation to understand what metrics/data points you track or would like to track, so we can build dashboards/reports that cover these metrics. Happy to share our past work as well so you can gauge our capabilities.


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This would be the site which currently tracks some data outside of native coin price charts, etc.: ErgoWatch.

Me personally, I am trying to get Messari to add data they currently track for cardano such as:


Things like Addresses with balance greater than 10 native units, Average Transfer Value, or Average Transaction Fees would be great to see.

More data related to storage rent seems to also be something I am seeing asked more as well.

also @glasgowm tracks things such as dev activity, social stats, etc. on his own which he can probably provide if this is something you would be able to implement.


Yes we can track these metrics and deliver it as a data dashboard that is open to the public. We can also refresh it on a 24-hour basis. I Would love to share this as a proposal. How do I take this forward and where do I share the proposal?


Could you clarify what you would mean about share this proposal? Would this mean your seeking something such as funding to implement, or looking for more feedback/assistance?


Both would love to get more feedback on the idea and if the value add seems significant would also love to explore if the project can be given the grant to implement"

A more active place would be disscussion this within the ergo discord - possibly the #development channel or if your interested in collaborating with the ErgoWatch dev, then the #ergowatch channel: Ergo Platform

Regarding grants, discussing your proposal in the open, possibly in the #general channel is a great way, as there are many different groups who would could possibly provide a grant or a raffle could be started if necessary. Providing past work in the open is also a plus.