Unable to send Ergo from Android Mobile wallet to Kucoin account, trx remains unconfirmed

I am using Ergo Android mobile wallet and feeding this wallet by mining on 2miners.com

I’ve sent 3.8403 ERG from my Android mobile wallet to Kucoin trading account and several hours passed, it is not shown in my Kucoin account. Transaction remains “unconfirmed” with labels “Unspent”. In the past, I’ve sent my balance from mobile wallet to Kucoin and never faced an issue.

Transaction id is: 5912e85be89b6c2ed9c6429a819530d8e9d283df8a131ab5c7ce13e87a18e60b

After this, I tried to create another send transaction from Ergo mobile wallet to Kucoin account (this time amount was 3.50 ERG) . Upon completing sending, Ergo mobile wallet showed “transaction successful” message however this trx is not shown on the Ergo mobile wallet transaction list.

My Ergo mobile wallet account balance still shows correct amount (as if nothing sent)
I want to be able to send my Ergo balance to Kucoin. Any ideas on what went wrong how to fix this issue?

Thank you;