Can anyone execute this transcation for me?

Dear Sirs,

After the summer, I’ve mined around 50 ergo and then left it alone. After 4 months, I tried to access the wall but probably due to old version, I couldn’t. Since Then I’ve tried EVERYTHING to make my wallet work but everytime it seemed to miss something.

Long story short, the android wall can see my wallet but it does not make the transaction.
Can anyone execute this transcation on the pic?
Yes it’s stupid asking this, but damn, I’ve wasted days on it and I’m REALLY tired!
Happy XMas!

You need to sign it with your other android device that you set up with cold wallet feature with.

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Can someone else execute this transaction or is it only me that can??? Because I installed ERGO wallet on a 2nd device, tried and - yep - failed again.

It must be the device that has the signing key to sign the transaction off. Cold wallet feature signs your transactions with your non-connected Android device. your Cold Wallet will produce single-time QR codes to verify your transaction.