Rewards programme

From @navip

There is marketing fund, sigmanaut fund. Set aside some ergo, give small rewards to people posting and writing and reposting on social media about ergo. Why not “hire” ambassadors from different language/cultural areas to organize and do the work mentioned above. Give them small amount of ergo to spread around…

Those are to “professional”. I’m talking about engaging ordinary people out there that are spending whole day gaming for $2. I know people chopping wood in minecraft for hours every day to get few $ in crypto. Why not " hire" them with fee ergo for doing “quality” posts about ergo. Whole army of people would do it for few $. We just need to reach them and spread the word.

I mean… isn’t this

Grass roots is good for word of mouth biz, but can be surpressed online by the algos.


Yeah ergone fits the bill, but maybe we just need to do a better job promoting and explaining it.

Treasury buying erg0ne is an option too. How it currently has value is a bit unclear.


Hello everyone,

ErgOne is progressing step by step thanks to the sharing of our by the community.

The PoCoP has no other function than to reward each user for his Commitment.

Our main objective remains the Full recognition of Ergo through all social networks

We know that $ErgOne’s price action will attract more users to promote Ergo

That’s why we’re going to start focusing our communication on the ErgOne token to raise awareness.

Until now, we’ve always worked on our own, but if Sigmanauts and other key figures in the Ergo ecosystem could use our

It would send out a strong signal !

The YouTube channel Ergo Platform could also submit each of its videos to PoCoP.
It takes 30s, in 2 clicks it’s validated

This is the kind of move that would encourage major YouTubers to do the same.

All these initiatives would become a catalyst for everybody to join the movement.

Each year a Halving will be executed on the monthly rewards, which should decrease the selling pressure and increase the token’s rarity.

The 1,000,000 supply fixed is not a random choice.
We want ErgOne to be as valuable as possible in order to reward our users as much as possible.

The value of ErgOne comes from the Liquidity Pool that was created at the genesis of the project and financed by our own funds.
The current price is totally driven by the Community.

There is a Treasury fund dedicated to monthly rewards

Thanks for reading