Teamredminer trouble

I got a weird issue with teamredminer.

Have been mining on srbminer on win10 with 2xvega64, 2xvega56 and a rx580. Stock bios, no amdmemtweak, only gpu-boost and gpu-tweak. Getting 550Mh/s average.

Thought I should try teamredminer to get higher hashrate. When I try to start trm I get
GPU3 Failed to initialize (-31).

Tried one gpu at the time, no problem.
Tried two gpus in different combinations, no problem.
Tried three gpus i different combinations, no problem.

But as soon as I try four or five I get the Failed initialize error.

Anyone know the issue and how to fix it?

Solved it.

Had to manually set win10 virtual memory to 36Gb.

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