RX580 x 6 - SRBMiner-Multi v0.7.5 (Mining program only able to run 3 GPUs) Couldn't create dataset on GPU

I just started mining Ergo with 6 x RX580 using SRB Miner latest version.

However, the mining program only able to read 3 GPUs instead of all 6.
Error message given:
Couldn’t create dataset on GPU5 [autolykos2]
Couldn’t create dataset on GPU3 [autolykos2]
Couldn’t create dataset on GPU2 [autolykos2]

Any idea why is this happening?

I’m not sure why you’re experiencing this issue but a good alternative for AMD cards is Team Red Miner. I mine with 7x Radeon VIIs and it works perfectly.

Thanks for the info, I guess I’ll have to try it out using Team Red Miner.

you may need increase virtual memory to 16000 or 32000

It is the virtual memory! Solved the problem!! Thanks!