5700 XT beginner questions

Hi Everyone,

I’ve got my first GPU rig that I am setting up, and a few RX 5700 XT cards to go in it (rig can take up to 8, riserless).

I am using Windows 10 for this one. Someone recommended an older version of Andrenalin drivers so I got these downloaded (from 2020).

The rig seems ok and such, I’ve put my first GPU in, installed the drivers etc - the card was correctly recognized in the system as a 5700 XT 8GB and the Radeon software seemed to work fine with it (I didn’t touch any default settings / tuning for the time being).

That was until I got me a Nicehash miner. On my first attempt, during the benchmarking the system crashed and then I had a ‘Code 43’ displaying in the device manager for the card. After some uninstalling / reinstalling / resetting I got it to a point that the system was happy with the card again and Radeon started recognizing the device again.

That said, I could not find the setting that lets you enable the ‘Compute Mode’ on the Advanced Settings tab (I believe the Radeon software may have updated itself which is not desirable in this case?).

I tried Nicehash miner again. During my second Nicehash miner run, the benchmarking process went a little better in that the system didn’t immediately crash, but after around 5-10 mins the screen went blank and I could not get it back to life. The monitor is plugged to the VGA output on the rig itself rather than the 5700XT GPU btw.

Due to work, I had to switch the rig off and postpone further testing and set up until later this evening but I was wondering if anyone here who has experience with 5700 XT GPUs can give any advice in terms of what drivers / software to get, what process to follow, any troubleshooting pointers?