Noob miner (maybe) problem

Hi All,

I’m a complete noob miner. Have been running the Herominer pool mining application and the full Ergo node for a few hours tonight, all appeared to be going well, until suddenly Im seeing red error messages with an audible tone within the cmd.exe window saying:

"ergo #2 share rejected: {“error”: [25, “Didn’t subscribe”, null]}, 285 ms. [DEVICE 0, #2]

The number of these messages and rejected share #'s are racking up fast.

Can anyone advise what this means? Do I need to do something to correct it?

Many thanks in advance!

I am new to ERG mining too, but here is an explanation from Hero Miners. I currently only encountered once with 4171 valid shares and 9 stale shares. :arrow_down: