SIGRSV the way of stacking ERG

I’ve been wondering why we stuck on marketing our oracle pool on cardano, personally for me ergo selling point is sigmausd, cuz people too often asking stacking ergo which is what they learn holding some coin making passive income without any hustle,. So from my point of view we have to do more massive Marketing on sigusd and sigrsv, I know it’s hard to learn it if we have low level knowledge on ageusd protocol, therefore I hope the marketing team could do more about it, for example sigrsv is the most token have similarities with stacking ergo which is you can get double fees from sigma usd fees and ergodex fees if you join LP and has low risk of impermanent loss, cuz the both pair ERG/RSV goes on the same direction, if ERG up so does RSV so in equivalent to USD you can get much more,. So for get more user on ergodex we have to brand SIGRSV as the way of stacking ERG so people that used to be familiar with stacking can easier to understand and have willing to learn what AGEUSD protocol is…

SigRSV isn’t as simple as that. The current APY is negative. Please see

Welcome fellow Ergonaut, I am still learning about the way the AgeUSD protocol works I understand the idea is aimed towards providing a simple, and decentralized stablecoin. The SigRSV is a token for reserve providers and the AgeUSD is for ERG submitted to the dApp it’s an interesting concept I will be sure to spend some time learning more about Building Ergo: How the AgeUSD stablecoin works | Ergo