AgeUSD stable coin protocol and Oracle pool is running on Cardano chain or Ergo chain?

I have watched Ergo summit 2021 video Ergo Summit 2021 - Entering The New Era - Announcing AgeUSD & The Hardening Upgrade - YouTube
I have a few question related to AgeUSD stable coin protocol and the oracle pool:

  1. Does the AgeUSD stable coin protocol runs on Ergo chain or Cardano chain or both?
  2. if it runs only on Ergo chain, do you have any plan to implement it in Cardano chain too? and what is the reason why would you want to implement it also in Cardano? Why don’t just implement it only in Ergo chain? and When will you implement it?
  3. Does Oracle pool runs on Ergo chain only? Or do you also have plan to implement it in Cardano chain too? and why would you want to do that? and When will you implement it?
  4. Does Oracle pool accepts ERG as a fee and pledge only? Do you plan to extend paying fee by other coin too?

I’m interested in buying ERG but I’m curious about the future plan partnership between Cardano and Ergo because if Cardano keep implement all successful concept from Ergo. that might effect Ergo holder cos ADA has everything great that Ergo has but in the other way around Ergo don’t has all great stuff that ADA has.

Good question, I also have the same opinion

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seems like they just have answered some part of the question here. Ergo: Why Proof of Work?. Is Proof of Work Dead? | by Curia Regis Crypto | Mar, 2021 | Medium but a more in depth on example of applications that shows strength of both platform will even make it clearer.

I would direct you to this very good overview: What will Ergo bring to Cardano?. -why will Ergo be vital for Cardano’s… | by Verium fellow | Medium

Key takes: Both ADA and ERG are based on the same UTxO models, and their interoperability allows for a unique symbiotic partnership. ERG allows for efficient operations in PoW space, ADA for PoS - they both have strengths and weaknesses and by pairing together, they become a powerhouse.

It is my impression that AgeUSD will be native to ERG, but sidechain compatibility with ADA will allow for seamless cross-chain communication.

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