Finding The Right Balance

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Dear Ergoplatform,

please make it possible to get back the fees lost by engaging with SigRSV. If you would see my wallet you could see that i only received ERG from a exchange before deployment of SigmaUSD. Than i swapped nearly all (a huge amount) into SigRSV. Now after the termination of this stablecoin approach i lost immense amount of fees. It turned out to be the most unstable coin i’ve ever been engaged with!

Please do not disrupt trust in the involved organizations and in EUTXO as a whole. You probably could link wallets through a front-end like to perform a check if somebody is eligible to get compensated. Or maybe you even could do it manually. Just watch my wallet and you see i did nothing wrong but trusting you after all.

Some of your greatest fans have been swapping their precious ERG coins into SigmaRSV because they believe in Ergo and want to hold very long. For me it is because you state at that you are build ‘DeFi functionality on the rock-solid foundations’ any you imply that you do not like a ‘move fast and break things’ approach among other such statements that make me want to be part of it.

Robert Kornacki was announcing the SigmaUSD stablecoin ‘has been created in joint partnership by the Ergo Foundation, EMURGO, and IOG’ which made me trusting this poject even more and besides that the promise that the ‘long-time community member “DarkSideOfBrrrrr” announced shortly after Ergo Summit 2021 that he would deploy the smart contract on-chain himself. He ensured that he would keep the contracts unaltered and be transparent about the process. (These claims have since been verified by community developers once the contract was deployed on Feb. 25th)

I think compensation for loss through no fault of my own should be possible somehow, even if it will be after some vote and from treasury or such. Even i feel this should be more priority than liquidating exchanges for now. I have to work a lot in my current day job to get back the equivalent of my lost fees only.