Shares and Payout

Hello everyone,
I’m new so forgive me if this is a stupid question.
I use my GTX1650 to mine through TREX having just under 27MH/s and I left my miner running overnight to see what happens.

Currently, I have over 13 hours of runtime and 340/340 shares.

So here’s my question: Why haven’t I reviewed a payout yet?
How do shares relate to payout?

Thanks for your help

You need to meet the minimum payload specified in the mining pool before the pool will pay. Submitted shares often give the pool an understanding of your hash rate. the hash rate in the pool may be slightly different from the reported hash rate (in your mining software) due to deviations.

What pool are you mining with you can check how much you have earned by entering your ERGO address in most pools UI.

With a GTX 1650 that is hashing at 27MH/s, it will take a lot longer than 13 hours to meet the minimum payout.

Take for example Hero miners pool they have a mining calculator that will help you understand how much you will earn and when you will expect a payout.

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In addition to needing to reach minimum payout for the pool (which varies depending on the pool & on some can be as little as .1 erg), pool size and luck play a factor because miners only get paid for blocks the pool finds.

More info would be helpful.