HeroMiners pool rewards

hi, how does pool rewards work?

in herominers it says " 0.0055 ERG This is the earnings you would receive in the current round if a block was found right now."

does is this already added to my hashrate profit or this is “plus” profit?

So how it works is you get paid whenever the herominers pool finds a block. The amount you get paid when that block is found is proportional to the number of shares you contributed compared to the rest of the pool. For example, you found 1,000 shares out of a total of 10,000 shares that were sent in before the block was found. A block reward is 67.5 ERG (for now), the pool takes 2.5 ERG and the remaining 65 ERG gets divided amongst all of the miners so, your calculated reward would be (1,000/10,000)*65 = 6.5 ERG. The number you’re referring to is what you would earn at that moment in time if a block were to be found. Once a block has been found, that amount goes towards Unconfirmed Balance. Once the block is eventually confirmed, then that amount moves over to your Pending Balance and would be considered profit as the amount has been finalized at that point.