New to mining - 0 in wallet?

So I’m using nanominer, in the HeroMiners mining pool.

So the first transaction that I was paid out was at 6:35AM, about 6 hours ago.
Here’s the transaction hash:
My wallet shows in this list (I’ll keep it anonymous unless you need this info) – but it shows as Unspent on this page.
My wallet is setup with Yoroi, and shows 0 balance.

Is there another step I need to do to get this deposit? According to HeroMiners, there should have been 720 blocks since that time, so it should no longer be locked, as best I can tell.

Thanks for any help!

Well, now I feel like a tool – I just refreshed the wallet and now my balance is showing. Apparently I didn’t give enough time.
Patience is a virtue.

I’ll leave my post here in case anyone else needs a reminder to have patience!

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What cards and clocks you are using?

Just a single RTX 3070, literally started yesterday after seeing how slow Etherium was going, and browsing around HeroMiners for a different coin to try out mining.
Default clock speeds (I think) - 1935 core clock, 6801 memory clock, staying around 70c

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I have sapphire nitro + 480 with 1125 core and 2080 memory. just trying to find out what clocks are better for this type of card because it just freezes sometimes.

Можно попробовать у Вас купить несколько монет для пробы ?

I am using nano miner, to my wallet adress a have rich 0,7 erg but in ergo wallet appears 0 is normal?

Wouldn’t go that far my friend, you’ve just been slogging at it and wanted a desirable result and it took slightly longer than expected to propagate