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My region isnt here and i wish to grow the Africa Ergo region with my team of experts


I appreciate your persistence.

Where in Africa? I have only been to Egypt.

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Nigeria, i am very sure this country rings in bell to almost every one in the cryptosphere :wink:

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What do you have in mind?

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Alot but it seems few people are ready to look into what i have to say because previous comments weren’t looked into or refined or implemented, i prefer just watching

We can have this program
Ergo Community Grants Program empowers the Ergo Community to access funding for marketing and other activities furthering the overall growth and expansion of the Ergo ecosystem

Look at this

Sir, you’ve been nothing but arrogant and entitled since joining this forum. If that continues, I agree that you should not participate. I certainly wouldn’t want you representing Ergo in any capacity anyway.

Details on the grant programme can be found here, but generally, people are pushed towards ergoraffle as Ergo is an grassroots open-source ecosystem with a mostly public distribution. The EF can top-up worthy causes but you’ll need to convince the community first.

But yes, as I explained last time we spoke - initiatives like the one you linked are planned for when we have money to burn or communityDAOs are more established. And now that I have permission on the forum, I can clarify these pathways here too, but you’ll need to bear with us until these are created.

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Ohh, sorry about that didn’t mean to offend you or anyone thanks for your time