[proposal] starting up ergo guild program focusing on decentralised regional community based marketing for ergo ecosystem

Guilds are communities that make up the greater ERGO community. Each guild shares a specific vision and mission related to driving a more open, interconnected and consumer-empowered world.

Looking at the success rate of NEAR initiatives, especially their Guild program, many other ecosystems such as AURORA, POLYGON have picked up similar approach to expand their customer base all over the world. Since we began, people around the world have been looking for ways to get more involved. Communities have spontaneously popped up, both online and in-person, to support the project. For instance, the Russian NEAR community has reached several hundred active members.

Looking at the Roman times, where they were connected groups of builders, makers or merchants. More recently, the term has transitioned into the gaming world to describe teams of players who unite to support each other on missions and quests. In our case, Guilds refer to community hubs with a common interest in supporting an ecosystem initiative

Guilds are represented by a Guild Leader. The Guild Program gives Guild leaders and their communities rewards when their work is aligned with a healthy ecosystem. These rewards might include things like the number of active developers or apps associated with the Guild, referrals provided to other ERGO programs, running validating nodes or simply claiming bug bounties.

This program should be for those who are currently building and nurturing a community or you are tired of standing on the sidelines and want to get involved yourself. The Guilds can be an already vibrant community or just a circle of friends who like to read white papers. Guilds are for the blockchain enthusiasts, the futurists wanting to create a better tomorrow, the early adopters and technical gurus.

The program should be designed to empower those who want to take ownership of their community, to get developers engaged in the open-web space and set up community members for success.

The Guild Program is focused on community contributions. In essence, the Contributor program is “Single-Player mode” and the Guild Program is “Multiplayer mode.”

Cross-Guild Cooperation
Collaboration between guilds is very important. This will enable guilds to share resources with other Guilds so that they can advance the skills of their community. This will allow ERGO to advance as a global community.

The exchange of resources, initiatives and idea generation will take place within the GOV FORUM portal. Think about it as a knowledge base.

You can use the portal to:

Connect with other Guilds and ERGO contributors
Highlight your successes
Receive rewards based on the initiatives you share
Receive community support and participate in global initiatives.

Take the Community Into Your Own Hands

Every Guild Lead will decide how he/she want to shape their Guild which must be in line with ERGO goals.

Activities can be

running online meetups, Have in person-events,Host workshops or invite external speakers, representing ERGO in blockchain based events
Growing regional communities either on Discord or Telegram?
Ergo ecosystem based education, it can be focused on marketing developer or validator education
Other activities deem fit by ERGO FOUNDATION


I like this proposal, and I appreciate the care you put into describing it.

I am concerned about the Guild Leader concept, especially about how they are appointed or removed. In these early years, self selection and voluntarism make this seem easier, but if some forethought is not taken, it could lead to the Guilds becoming ossified, or worse subject to cartel like behavior.

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Yep, that is correct, at the initial 3 to 6 month we believe each initial founder or team lead should be able to grow a productive core team around its axis. Within that 6 month, the guild would be evaluated monthly based on Proposals and reports submitted to the gov forum on activities done in a region. After a 6 month period it should be mandatory for each guild to upgrade to a dao structure giving opportunities for other core members or community member to take leadership role(s)