Preparing For Adoption: Videos, Tutorials, Guides etc

I was just on a call with the BPSAA.

Draeth was really hitting this point hard. I wanted to pass it along to the entire community.

Get your communities prepared for adoption before it happens.

Any shortage of info… New users will fall through those cracks.

Random new users are storming Piratechain.

Do not underestimate the inexperience of new users!

Better work is needed to be done to help guide them. It is better to put out community guides and infrastructure BEFORE it is needed.

New Users need serious help.:sweat_smile:

The most useful things any project can do is create a wide variety of tutorials and guide videos for everything.

Focus them towards COMPLETE BEGINNERS.

Imagine Grandma wants to buy ERG.

Grandma wants to transfer it to a wallet.

All the aspects of the Ecosystem.

Simple things we take for granted.

They are overwhelmed by help requests. It may seem simple but never underestimate the lack of ability of people who have no idea what they are doing.

Simple. Easy. Followable.

I think it would be good to prepare for adoption.

With the video contest and the potential to win some ERG, I would recommend as many here as possible get on that.


Great points!
We’re planning to include quick guides on the ERGnomes website where we educate ERG newbies on where to buy ERG, how to set up a wallet, and how to get started with Ergo Auction House :slight_smile:

Everything should be ready for Series 1, which will launch in May. Any suggestions on what to add for newbies on the website would be appreciated :smiley:


I think this is right on point, education is key to adoption.

Probably go back and re-make my first tutorial


That would be great. My advice make everything as simple as possible.

Have the community help you put user tutorials in as many places as possible.

But from everything I can tell based on Piratechain’s experience this is really something CRITICAL to put into place in the event of a mass influx of users.

Any gap or crack in information, some new user will find it, fall through.

Even if all the cracks and gaps are well covered, it then becomes a matter of content accessibility.

Even if everything is covered, and easily accessible, you still may run into someone getting their credit card stuck in their computer trying to buy crypto…


If I were to make a tutorial/begginers video to some aspect of ERG, who can I give the video to so that it would get the most attention? If I post any video on YT, it will be buried. I’m not a social media influencer, but I do have an average 4.6/5 student reviews from my college classes :wink:

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If you have a twitter account you should broadcast your video and tag @ergoplatformorg, if you do not have a twitter account you could simply make one to be sure the vid get’s attention by the community.
@ergoplatformorg will get the video noticed by this community and make it available for distribution, you could also tag @AGlasgow12 and myself I think amongst us all we would help the vid get some good attention.
plus you might as well join the video contest that is open until mid may, tagging @ergoplatformorg when you share a video should get you entered into the contest that has an ERG reward for the winner.

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If you share the video here, Reddit, or in the Telegram, you’ll get a lot of support from the community in getting it out there.

We have a small but dedicated army of people in the telegram group who will help get the word out.


Dmitry is going to be adding a special Category to this website.

“Community Tutorials”.

It would be great to see community based content fill that new section.

Anything that gets posted there will get put out across multiple platforms.

A good online community can act a powerful force multiplier.

I think this content is really important to put together to help drive education/adoption of new users.


Maybe the best of the community videos should be uploaded directly onto Ergo’s Youtube channel? By this way, 1) users could have more confidence in trusting the content, and 2) all such tutorials easy to find in one channel.


To be honest, I think for Youtube it might be best keep everything as decentralized as possible. In my opinion anyway, it’s always better to have no single point of failure, especially on a platform that has been demonstrating censorship lately.

There could be a possibility for a more central channel on Bittube our BPSAA partner. Their platform eliminates that risk. I will talk to their team.

Dmitry has added a new category on specifically for community tutorials. Hopefully in time that can act as a DIY help desk for new users.

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I have to agree with this as youtube is very much centralized and prone to censorship.

I also think that the community will adopt and spread content and tutorials as they see fit for their need of whatever reason they might share or promote the content, also the community will also weed out bad actors and/or bad content that does not meet the standard that they would like to have representing their interest.

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I talked to the Bittube team.

They are going to give Ergo a free upgrade to a premium channel once things are in motion on our end.

Nice way to build a presence on a decentralized platform and as well as get some cross promotion for our BPSAA partner.

Once that is set up I will figure out a mechanism for onboarding community created content to BITTube.

They honestly didn’t ask me for this as content in general benefits them, but I would ask the Ergo community to give them a product plug/shout out wherever you post content. Push people in their direction.

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