Novice to mining

Hi all thank you for the forum.

I hold Ergo but never done anything else to support the network and myself…until now.

I now have a windows 10 available and not sure how to mine.

Best wallet for mining and any idiot video guide recommendations that will put me on the right path.

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Here is the jump page for mining on the Ergo platform:

Wallet does not matter much, as long as you do not mine straight to an exchange wallet. I like the mobile wallet, but if you want to keep it on the Win 10 machine, try Nautilus.

Be careful with your keys. Keep this wallet address (and mining machine) away from your hardware wallet/paper wallet/etc… IE: Do not keep your big bags on this machine, and have a way to access your seed phrases that is safe and secure (air gapped).

As you earn ERG, you can consolidate it to another wallet (your bag), or use it on various dapps in the ecosystem. Initially it is best to set a reasonable target and then just hodl until your learn more.

The details of how to mine on your machine depend on what GPU(s) you have, and what you can expect to earn. If it isn’t profitable, you can still run efficiently and contribute to securing the network.

You should also select a mining pool to make it easier for you to get rewards and check your progress. Here is a list of pools, ranked by hashrate:

We want those to be as distributed as possible. For a novice, I would suggest Hero Miners:
ERGO ERG Mining Pool - HeroMiners