Ergo Full Node Video Tutorial For Windows


@Kst20 Nice! Can you please provide your Ergo address for donations here?

at the end of the video he says, “and that’s it.” That’s it? am I mining? I follow the directions, got a wallet address, no errors. Am I mining? Who knows? "and that’s it. "

I’ve been able to mine via and my wallet is showing 5.99 ergo, but when I check my wallet on the node I setup with the help of the above video my wallet shows 0 ZERO. I’m guessing since I don’t have a degree in advanced quantum physics that I will never understand how to mine ERGO on the node I setup.

Also, the payout swings widely all day? sometimes I’m making $1500 a month and other times I’m making $75, yet ERGO is always around $1.50? Very confusing. I’m just not smart enough for this coin. If anyone can figure it out please let me know. I have a feeling I’m paying for electric to mine ERG but in the end will have nothing to show for it because I setup my wallet/node up wrong.

frustrating to say the least.

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Freshly generated coins become spendable after 720 blocks (just like in Bitcoin, it takes 100 blocks).
So after 720 blocks your unconfirmed coins will get confirmed

The confirmed coins will be sent based on your min payout settings

The payout swings, not sure… possibly because of hash rate fluctuation. Someone from nanopool can say better.

Regarding the coins sent to wallet, in Nanopool, there is tab called “Payments” that shows actual payments sent to your wallet.

Как ты братанчик-Ergo уже почти по четыре доллара?!