New Miner, forgive my questions

After months of looking around to see where I wanted to do some mining, I have settled on Ergo. I am already a firm believer in Cardano, and see Ergo as a great extension in that ecosystem. Here’s a breakdown of where I am currently.

Lenovo ThinkServer TS140
Xeon proc, currently on Windows Server 2012 R2
RAM being upgraded
PSU being upgraded
GTX 1650 ready to install
ATA 500 GB drive, have a few SSDs available in 256 GB if needed

I know these are very basic questions for you guys, but the options available are a bit much to digest for a newbie miner like me. Here we go…

  1. Do I need a static IP if I run the rig as a solo miner or join a pool? I am working it from home.
  2. If I run the packages from Ergo Github, is there a Windows version or should I switch to Linux?
  3. Where do you feel my optimal RAM size should be? Due to cost, I do want to strike a middle ground as the RAM for this unit is very expensive.
  4. SSDs are very efficient, but do I need to make the change to be more efficient?

A little about me. I am no stranger to computing as I have been doing this starting in 1980. My experience with Linux is minimal and has changed a lot since I last installed it on a machine (RedHat and Penguin in the mid 90’s) so I will be relearning it to a large degree. I currently work in the industry as a desktop and sort-of network support role. Always learning and willing to try new things when I can and it seems feasible.

Hope I can contribute here as I learn more! Thanks for any assistance, it is much appreciated.