Is it possible to stake ERG?

Hello Ergo community

I’m a newbie in the crypto/Ergo world.
As Ergo uses the PoW system, is it nevertheless somehow possible to “stake” ERG?
If so, do you have any advice where and/or how to do it?

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As you said yourself, Ergo is a PoW Cryptocurrency. It’s therefore not possible to stake your ERG. But you’re welcome to join us mining =)

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Thank you for your reply and also for your suggestion about the mining :pray:

What mining pool do you use or recommend?

I found a guide “how to mine Ergo” (Ergo ERG Mining Pool - HeroMiners) but so far didn’t find any recommendation about hardware needed.
Do you have any advice on that?

Many thanks in advance for your support!

You can find some info about current known pools here: Ergo (ERG) Autolykos | Mining Pools
I personally mine with herominers just because ATM has the less hash power.
About the suggested hardware the algorithm uses GPU computational power and the video card memory used is less than 3gb so you will need at least a 3gb GPU.

You can use any pool you want. Take a look here Ergo (ERG) Autolykos | Mining Pools but for the sake of decentralization I’d suggest you choose the pool with the least amount of hashrate (which is herominers for now).

Hi @Ponte , hello @ZeroKnowledge
Your replies are much appreciated!
I’ll have a look into it.

Have a wonderful day!

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