Node error in Satergo

Hi, just set up a node with Satergo a few days ago.
I added port forwarding on port 9030 and 9053 as well as adding my public IP to settings in the wallet. But after rebooting the node I’m getting this error message:

ERROR [ctor.default-dispatcher-4] s.c.n.NetworkController - Declared address validation failed:
/My nodes public IP:9030 not match any of the listening address: Set(/, /My nodes local IP:9030, /Some other IP:9030)

(I obviously replaced my IP’s above with text)

Does anyone know what this means? It almost looks like it doesn’t find my private node under my public IP?

I let it run for a day but it still shows the error, as well as showing unreachable on

Figured it out in the end. I have 2 routers, my ISP and another. I thought I had set my ISP router to bridge mode but it turns out I hadn’t done that so it had a firewall that blocked the 9030 and 9053 ports.


Thank you for reporting back.
Well done with the self service!