My 1TH/s ~ 3TH/s GPU speed :)

it took me 5 years and now i pump MAX to 3TH/s :slight_smile:

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are you a factory lol what is this beast

edit: wait system is already 3.24th/s what do you mean you pump

in a few days the system 2.79 TH/s gona show in the world my 3TH/s add to the system Hashrate now my 1T~3T hashrate is only allocation this astronomical speed and will appeare on the system after its Stable
and permeant :slight_smile:

on what i mine so here is my GPU RX 570

This smells like BS. How in the world are you able to get >1.41TH/s with a single RX 570? That would mean you found a way to mine roughly 10,000 to 15,000 times faster with an average GPU.

Please, tell me you secret. Can I plz haz some TH/s too, sir? :joy:

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yes your right i basicly know how to get 1Th or 1Gh on any GPU worldwide thats avavible got a FEW tools in my arsenal for all of them :slight_smile:

Haha. Until I can see some actual evidence, like some Tx’s on Ergo explorer, I’ll remain sceptical if you don’t mind. :smiley:

It will take a day for the system to finish mine the last 2-3 days and show me live that it’s stabilized and can stably mine at its correct speed 3T - 500G ( intervines ) wait a day or two guys

I’m using VNC Viewer to get Max Results

So uhm. If you found a way to 10k-15kx mh/s rate of cards would it not be in your best interest not to share it with the world for quite some time and mine like mad or are you kinda cool and altruistic? I mean I dig that if its the case, but call me sceptical.

Ok alot of people here are asking if I can share the information about how to make your GPU run at example 1Th/s or over the basic normal speed , I can share the information but first I need screenshot proof of income or explorer evidence that it’s working a second time after my first time got burnd in a blackout and my money on my hard drive got crisped - I’m in a state of war here so I have a lot of electricity blackout here so today I had to reboot everything again so guys I’m gonna keep you all updated and share the information too I got Full Bios + Full Windows + All essential Programs For crypto :sparkles:

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Ah I see. This smells like trolls. Edvard Grieg, In the Hall of the Mountain King from "Peer Gynt" - YouTube

Ok now I’m :face_with_monocle: -------±-------

I would like to know how you have done it? Can we contact in any way? Can’t manage to message you privately

I also wanted to know how to do this, I have an Rx 570 and I would love to make it give me more money

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Hi i use 1060 3gb micron and samsung not 50mh/s mining in raveos

I get 100 TH/s on my single core Celeron CPU on ETH just pass me out all your coins and I’ll give you 1000 times that amount.

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