Is my miner running properly?

after a long process i got my miner doing this, i dont know if im finding solutions or sending them to the chain. any help would be appreciated? thanks


Welcome aboard @Shane ! From logs, everything looks fine! Are you mining with 1 GPU only? Testnet or mainnet?

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hey thanks for the response! I am on main net i’m pretty sure and only using 1 gpu., i was just did not know if there were solutions that were ment to go inbetween all the blocks. But ill give it a long test this weekend.

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Might want to check out, as you’ll have a much better time earning Ergs compared to trying to go at it alone with a single gpu.

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Not to necropost, but I also just got a miner up and running for mainnet (I think). Showing this:

020-11-22 13:04:41,908 INFO [main thread] Current block candidate: {
  "MSG" : "2625B2FA78213CB0B1E2B8DC9AC6B12980C66895566B45255B7E83815DA4F510",
  "B" : 68419140818215971928471948571391379763873464196891782387579761,
  "PK" : "03B941AE2575FBCF10B6A2ABF4EE208FDC70013D58713970A667409F0A349677A7"
2020-11-22 13:04:41,908 INFO [main thread] Average hashrates: GPU0 52.9049 MH/s Total 52.9049 MH/s 

On the right track? (This is with an AMD Radeon RX 5700 xt).

Indeed, looks good :+1: