Missing ERGO from several days

the extracted ERGO has not been found in my wallet for several days. nothing has changed for many months. however, coins stopped reaching my wallet.:

On 1.02.2022 you have received 0.5111 ERG
1.02.2022, 01:03:49 [0c4ca1c4f15479c42e7993091525b1d2184da511fdc6608b6defa17daddf2f01] 0.5111 ERG

On 31.01.2022 you have received 0.5031 ERG
31.01.2022, 03:08:15 [68df7789f8ac98391b71ad5778a43d893566ff6add203d60020464acb273f3cb] 0.5031 ERG
On 30.01.2022 you have received 0.5021 ERG

30.01.2022, 01:00:51 [64359de49a533775e71ca0b1b40be5827ed86bf207e0010f9f8a875a98e52ec2] 0.5021 ERG

My wallet: 9gnz2X8MsRgmfLff68QquUwkiQkGbTUeuw6a9mPxrpjbcXtXqie

My only advice is to check the explorer

It’s strange that the transactions are not confirmed already. Since it can take a lot of confirmations I would advise keep checking block explorer. This is an issue for sure as if this was in an e-commerce setting it would leave us waiting too long to make the transaction. For example, in Gate.io it will take 100 confirmations before any funds will show in balance this can take up to 4 hours or longer. Scaling in a way that keeps the network decentralized would make sense. With Ergo it does seem to take longer than any other tokens for block confirmations and also take a lot more time than other coins/tokens. Are there any plans to scale? the number of transactions Ergo can handle? Let’s assume Ergo had an influx of popular dApps join the network would this lead to congestion in wait times?.

Thank you for your answer. It is on the COINEX exchange. I also sent them an inquiry. i can’t interpret data from explorer. they seem okay. unfortunately, these three transactions are not on my wallet.previous transaction with the number [976c705a2bb6a526b62513299c6c05c661753673c6c7c86840f0d7e24479e2fc] is as 0 confirmation.
I don’t know what’s going on, everything worked fine for a long time. the setting has not been changed. I have to stop mining ERGO

The same thing happened to me, checking I saw that coinex blocked the withdrawal and entry of ergo from the platform.

and the application is also in coinex. two translations are waiting to be confirmed and several others do not enter the portfolio. ergo.
I wrote to them and they told me that they are doing some kind of abdey and when it is ready we will inform with mistletoe. They also said that the translation of ergo will not be lost