Help: Lost ERGO

I bid 1 ERG on an NFT auction which closed at 04:00. At 03:50 I saw that someone bid higher than me and I decided to buy the NFT at 20 ERG. By the time I submitted the buy order, the auction had closed. Strangely, the other bidder was gone and I won the auction at 1 ERG.

When I went to check my wallet, I saw that 156 ERG had been transferred to 9iLJZ9DjAqfyRxQfVnbkTGpKkeD4d22BNZNup91md7Q9KEBwmLZ at 04:05

Transaction ID: Ergo Explorer

Can someone pls help to explain what happened and how I can retrieve my ERG?

Could you please include all of the information that someone might need to look at your situation?
What NFT were you bidding on?
Did you recieve it?
Transaction details for your first bid?
Transaction details for your final bid?

Is it possible you have a virus on your machine?

When using the Auctionhouse every bidder is going to have to transfer through a smart contract, there is no possible way I know of for the first bidder to drive up the price of an NFT and then disappear, the history will still be available just as your first bid was locked any bid afterward would have been locked, but if you found an anomaly let’s take a look at it closely, so please give as much information as you have so everyone can look at it.

Thanks for helping me.

My wallet address: 9hXddu3L8aBpX2HKDE3nPaVJV1yPyNw24u6m7yLA8J9bYnzr4nr

Here is the sequence of events:

  1. Bid 1 ERG on NFT Mutant Apes #09 at 18:44 on 16 Nov. Sent 1 ERG to: 6YCoYoBYKh7mo4E3av5DkTWG5MHeET2FFg7PdyUqqJa8s2mqZh69D5YWTaR9CoeGGfzqNVMrUAvDbgaKjQKit2KqmKkjtrnriB3bZJ2CqwgWZBDcckRc6NthwBM744ZTFn8jDPzCvkVCJ2RWML1Pf86F5LyWwXYMxii845rm9p4YEk4ipMu6wBa7sa1QYbffQB6ZfZyvaheCkZAWtWcLag3Gt9DhjEkTAEGEwGvXjhckJy1eoDcuQZJH3BVP3deG5JG8cjjyByy4xrRZeqzgxyFLtjKmxWXK4MFBJxm7oywfybvoTK8RQBwMSTaeuXj7t1QfcBKJLZw69yWoAk4UUWoU4

Transaction: Ergo Explorer

  1. I saw someone outbid me at approximately 03:50 on 18 Nov. I decided to buy the NFT for 20 ERG. Sent 20 ERG to: 2rtYo5GZAX1JBFCevTafZ6nPEghwqET3UbuxobnqYUi1MuC6S4ZnQZkgYkkCRc6KdsnBFe9SGGP3d69BkfNitSMkrJAHd8nZF3uZbjmnt6ogqq45nAAbrXMhsWHBvsLZZdY2BxBrk66jCdWw2WKRyRC1davfCtmPLLZvMndbhBGsfzmEt87igBsi7fSdBX6jtcJKbAFvxSecoc3JZGyBPAhounaWiqgCts4kdNSAKAHTcN6EKUxMCTgVVwc6VxaCgtGr6ff1DMEh4FozeyMS9REWNn4W5Mpd2MWB2acWNZevFAwgSy73W1v1CZstFcUK95jKKpJG3MUX6GWgCTMF8ruY61iv

Transaction: Ergo Explorer

In this transaction details, you can see that in addition to the 20 ERG, another 156 ERG was sent to 9iLJZ9DjAqfyRxQfVnbkTGpKkeD4d22BNZNup91md7Q9KEBwmLZ

I never sent the 156 and don’t understand how it got transferred out of my wallet.

The 20 ERG I sent was after the 04:00 cutoff time and the auction ended. The 20 ERG was refunded as shown here: Ergo Explorer

Strangely, the earlier bid I saw which was for 11 ERG was gone and I ended up winning the auction and received the NFT.

Transaction: Ergo Explorer

I have just done a virus scan with Bitdefender and everything is clear.

Did you maybe tick the ‘SEND ALL ASSETS’ box by mistake?

Try the Refund link on the ergoauctions website.

No I didn’t as I still have some ERG in the wallet.

Tried the refund link but it doesn’t work.

This is extremely worrying.

Thanks everyone someone on r/ergonauts has helped me with this. It has to do with how the UTXO model works. Turns out the other address was somehow linked to my wallet.


Glad you found the issue its always a real panic when you think you’ve lost any crypto.

What do you mean the other address was linked to your wallet? Did the funds leave your wallet or not?