Nanopool Hashrate

Hello miners,

there’s probably a bunch of you mining on nanopool, so I was wondering, doesn’t that bother you that Nanopool has 61% hashpower of the entire ergo network?


nanopool mislead miners by showing fake hashrate values.

That’s why many miners prefer them.

Here is a screenshot of the conversations made on discord.

If you want to read it yourself, you can enter the ERGO discord mining channel.

He claims that the problem I was asking at first is not clear.
The question was

He still hasn’t apologized to the miners and hasn’t posted a truth-telling tweet.


And did not stop inflating to match anyone’s miner values.

Seems shady AF. Hope miners switch to Herominers. I love the UI :slight_smile:

hi herominers

can you make a graph showing reported hashrate/current hashrate/average hashrate on the pool web page?

miner also want an app to monitor hashrate with graph/reward/income per hours, per day, per week

Miners, every pool will give you roughly the same earnings, please choose with network safety in mind (51% attack).

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MSOS show me average hashrate 176mh/s, but nanopool 155mh/s. Any ideas why?

I hope more ergo miners read this. Kind shitty of them to do. Pool distribution is still fucked so mind the thread resurrection.

Greetings heroes,
I’m the noob here, but after reading what shady operations goes in the nanopool’s house, I’m coming to you guys. Time to face the reality.

Done a test for 6 hours with GTX 1080 founders edition that is reporting 61.7MH/s in NBMiner.

Current Calculated Hashrate does always seems a lot higher with nano pool.

In mining pool stats Ergo (ERG) Autolykos | Mining Pools Nanopool has 36.4 % of Known Hashrate. How much of this hash rate would you say is inflated.

I think what attracts miners to nanopool is the massive slice of hash rate the pool has as they expect that the pool will win block rewards quicker but its not a given. Miners tend to jump on the pool with the highest hash rates with little regard for a 51% attack.

I noticed Hero miners use a slightly different payout for pool fee PROP vs PPLNS that nanopool uses. Could Pool Hoppers be causing any drop in Hash Rate to Herominers and increasing nano pool hash rate when that miner hops back and forth pool to pool?

I am learning about Pool Hoppers from this article. I don’t know much about rewards systems other than what I have learnt reading this article I noticed a lot of pools favour PPLNS and that’s it’s meant to be harder to implement PPLNS and use slightly different ways of calculating payout.

I am glad to find this forum post as I was having similar thoughts to why the hash rates were off at nano pool.

I noticed that Ethermine had opened an ERG pool and expect a lot of miners to swap from Nanopool to Herominers or Ethermine I have been mining for a good while with Bitfly I would expect Bitfly to get involved with the community and implement new pool features quickly. Ethermine has currently 1.1 TH/s but its expected a lot of ETH miners will jump to Raven and ERGO pools when ETH is no longer minable.

Once I get to the min payout in Nanopool I will likley swap over to Hero Miners.

Very nice website UI design by the way.