I got hacked and would like to share for you protection

Out of the blue my Yoroi Chrome extension got corrupted when I opened the browser.

To reinstall, was necessary to insert the seed phrase again. My ADAs are on the Tresor T so I plugged it in and no problem. Since my balance in Ergo was only in Yoroi (no hardware wallet for Ergo), I entered the seed phrase and everything was fine. The day after my Ergo’s balance was zero removed by a single transaction 2hs after I retrieved the wallet.

My Avira Security antivirus did not find anything, I installed Avast and it caught a trojan, possibly a keylogger or screen capture.

I couldn’t associate when I might have been infected, but the miscreant was quick.

I understand that the virus caused the problem in Yoroi just to force me to recover the wallet with the seed and them he captured de seed.

The only way to shield yourself is with a hardware wallet. It was worth the investment, for shure. It will take me a while to recover what I lost, but be careful with paper wallets or others that only rely on software.

Apparently the keylogger also exports browser passwords because a passwords.csv file appeared in the downloads part and strangely my Brave stopped asking for the Windows password to display the saved passwords. I was forced to change all my passwords 2x on another computer to avoid the risks as I only discovered the keylogger when I lost my Ergo.

This is the stealing transaction:1aa9ad2ad1603aafad53af95bf14900a2538486d1684c00657e5cc4dcc89b49b


Thank you for sharing, to help others.

I’m really sorry to hear that. Ledger support still isn’t here yet, hopefully that comes soon…

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Sorry to hear that. Thanks for warning everyone.

Remember too guys that Ergo android can be used as a cold wallet. You just use another phone to scan its QR code.