Solo mining worth it?

I have a total of 300 MH/s on NBminer which i’m mining solo.

My q is how possible is a block reward and do i get any payments for my efforts? Thanks in advance.

Inside a pool with the current difficulty of 1,41ph and your 300MH hashrate you would earn around 1.1704 ERG daily you could get paid directly to your wallet everytime you reach 1 ERG.

With such a low hashrate I advice against solo mining. Mining solo you earn the entire 67 ERG of the mined block (minus the 0,9% fee if you mine solo inside a pool like herominers) , but it would take a really huge amount of time depending on your luck. Take in account with your hashrate inside a pool you would take about 57 days to mine 67 ERG and pools have between 90 and 110% luck on daily average, something that with 300Mh you don’t have, you will be completely exposed to the luck pretending to find a block before the rest of the world.


Tronox, what is your suggestion, what is minimum hashrate that would make sense to mine solo?

About 20Gh would make you earning a block per day mining solo. You can still solo mine with the hashrate you want to, but take in account finding a block could take some time :slight_smile:


I have question about solo mining too.
I have there workers each one have 1000mh/s.
If i mine solo block will be divided to these 3 workers so my hashrate will be a sum of these there workers, or solo mining means that each worker will work on their own block??