Unconfirmed balance?


I’m new to mining. Mining ergo at herominer i see ‘unconfirmed balance’ and pending balance. I understand pending balance is what we earn/paid for mining, but what is ‘unconfirmed balance’ ? And by the way when I using nbminer i see i the log ‘hash on pool’ is different with my hashrate, my hashrate is constant at 121MH but my hash on pool so much different 80-150 MH.


Unconfirmed balance is like the pending one but consisting of the reward earned from the most recent mined blocks. For security Herominers wait until 72 blocks are mined over a block before distributing the rewards.

You can go to the blocks section of their website and you will see “X blocks to go” and blocks with a lock.
The ones to go are remaining blocks before distributing the rewards, and the ones with a lock have already been distributed.

Hope my explanation is useful :wink:


Ohh I see, Thanks bro ……….