Hash rate drops

hi guys i am having 20-30% MH/s drops from time to time same thing hapends to all of my rigs did leve half of my rigs on full oc and other half on normal oc just to se what gona hapend same thing hapends on all of them for no reson they lose hash power? i am using smos and trm v0.8.3 any one having problem like mine? did try to dual mine erg/zil omg when they start zil znd when they finish rigs start reseting?? for zil was using ezil.me

I get the same size drops of 20-30% a lot too, not sure what it is but I also notice when it does it it RE-configures the tables used for the jobs. Not sure if it’s because of my OC settings or it’s the miner or algo itself. I also use TRM 8.3

have some rigs on difrent oc same result they all go down at the same time and back up change psu as well and new set of risers v0.9super on one rig just to see what gona happend xd same result so it moste be miner or pool?