ErgoUtils: A Swiss Knife for Ergo

The aim of is to provide useful utilities to be used by any wallet in a safe and trustless manner using the assembler service.
It supported issuing tokens and artwork NFTs when announced. It now contains an Airdrop section; the goal is to have various options for airdropping including:

  • To a list of addresses
  • To a specific token holders

The former is implemented and the latter will be added soon.
This functionality can be helpful in different situations. For example:

  • To donate some ergs to a list of addresses, one will create the list, and every time he wants to donate to the list, he only selects it and specifies the amount.
  • One can sponsor several oracle pools from the mixer in the same transaction.
  • One can distribute the output of his mix to several addresses treating the functionality as a mixing hop.

The idea behind the contract that makes sure that the airdrop will be done properly and the assembler service won’t be able to cheat is explained here.

Moreover, a Donation section is added to the app. Your donations are welcomed and appreciated.


Is the source code available?


Yeah, fully open-sourced: