ErgoPlatform Update 16.11.2019

"Update from 15.11.2019

EFYTs Buyback

Currently, all the sell orders fulfilled, even more, at the moment of writing this post there’s a buy order of 16+K. So the Foundation is swapping the tokens successfully!


I’m going to this event in Istanbul tomorrow: “EuroAsia Cryptocurrency Investment Summit” . If you’re around let’s get in touch!

In December we’re going to China again, Proof-of-Value conference (I’ll be on a panel there) and meetup @ Zhejiang university at least. More tour events to be announced.

Ecosystem Decentralization & Anti-fragility:

A repository is started to discuss community and development practices, please help us with that! and

Core Development:

3.1.4 will be out next week, 3.2.0 in progress.

We have many new bounties for writing manuals etc please help us

App Development:

Appkit library to develop application with different languages is released: . Soon it will be more documentation and examples!

Core has support for decentralized pools now, and the development of the first pool is making good progress (will be released before NY hopefully).

Contract examples for bonds based on Ergo Bonds based on Ergo (or the "Yield protocol") (similar to the Yield protocol )

There’s a team working on LETS implementation.

In the next update it will be more details on new wallets coming!"

Update from Alex Chepurnoy