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Who am I?

Edd Norris Here!
One of the developers behind the ERGnomes NFT project, originally minter of the Ergo-Manifesto-Token and long time believer of the power of Ergonomic Economics :fist:

6 months ago I became a Governor for the Harmony ($ONE) Developer DAO to help build, learn and teach others about EVM and making blockchain video games (My background is in #GameDev), and I have also been building the blockchain Game

I have not been as active in the Ergo Community as I would have liked over the 6 months but I have still been out on the mission, spreading the good word about ergonomic economics and decentralization; hoping to one day come back to reconnect with my fellow Ergonauts :handshake:

With that said, I have been following as closely as I can and waiting for the day when my work outside of the ergo ecosystem would collide with my favorite proof-of-work blockchain!

That day is today!

What is this all about?

Today I made a proposal to create a limited partnership between the Harmony Foundation’s Core-Team and the Ergo Foundation, to retool the xClaim-1BTC bridge built by the Harmony Foundation’s Core-Team to work with the Ergo Platform.
To Bridge $ERG from the Ergo Blockchain to the Harmony Blockchain as $1ERG (with this initial partnership)
and eventually to bridge both $sigUSD to Harmony and harmony specific tokens like their auto-staking $stONE to Ergo (after this initial partnership).

I believe it will be a very useful step towards getting the many features of ERG (value store/privacy features/Native Tokens) of Ergo to more people of the world.

It will provide many opportunities to extend the value that Ergo has and eventually the utility that Ergo has built beyond the Ergo ecosystem and eventually bring some of the interesting features that Harmony $ONE has built into the Ergo ecosystem.

Here is the post that I have made on the forums:
ErgoPlatform $ERG <-> $1ERG xClaim BRIDGE - Partners - Harmony Community Forum

Less Officially

I would love to hear any and all feedback from the Ergo Community about what you think about this and how it might be improved and/or effectively deployed; to bring ERG to the EVM compatible, Solidity programable, 2 second transactions having, energy efficient, “effective proof-of-stake” blockchain that is Harmony $ONE as $1ERG

if anyone wishes to comment on this forum, directly about anything listed in the above post, I’ll happily cross post if someone is willing to comment on the Ergoforum but may not wish to create a new account on ( I’ve learned that Governance/Community Participation is sometimes a “take what you can get” situation :bowing_man: ).

More Officially

@kushti @mhs_sam @glasgowm @Armeanio
I would like to formally ask what kind of commitment the Ergo Foundation can offer to support this project in some capacity.
Perhaps in some level of time commitment from Core Developers, or helping to fund the development of this Limited Partnership between the Harmony Core-Team and the Ergo Foundation, or providing liquidity or incentives for the xClaim-Bridge to operate successfully, or feedback about how a xClaim Bridge DAO token could be setup to help streamline these bridges for the long term.

Thank you all for your time today!


Edd, thanks for your time and the great offer.
It will be discussed in the EF and we’ll let the community know about it. Personally, I would like to see this bridge.

I’m somehow familiar with the design of xclaim.
As far as my understanding, building this bridge could be reduced to developing an Ergo Relayer like the ‘witness algorithm’ for bitcoin. Please correct me if I’m wrong.
I think it is easy and even can be done with Nipopows integration.


I think it is a great idea. I think we can support the development of this pretty easily.

Do you have additional documentation?


Awesome idea! The initiative taken here is excellent. Heres to hoping your hard work comes to fruition!

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The best source currently for this would be directly in the harmony-one repos:

(which is a fork of: GitHub - crossclaim/btcrelay-sol: BTCRelay re-implementation in Solidity )
GitHub - harmony-one/onebtc-js: ONE-BTC JavaScript SDK
GitHub - harmony-one/onebtc.relayer-client: OneBtc relayer client

// not sure if this is actively being used currently or not, the is out of date.

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NOTE: I have had to update some of the funding/bridging targets referenced in this proposal to communicate the actual goals and value of this bridge initiative:

Previously the value of $ERG was misrepresented and the amount of Liquidity which was able to be utilized was not correctly calculated.

I believe that’s correct, that the xClaim infrastructure only requires a kind of proof of deposit / release…
So #ERGO relay(s)
#EVM #contracts on Harmony
+retooling of the UI

I have done a sizable amount of research about how this system functions, specifically from the perspective that perhaps there should be a kind of Bridge DAO to ensure there are systems in place to keep the BRIDGE attractive to those whom use it ( liquidity providers and bridge users)… and which can help to take the work that’s been done and apply it effectively TO NEW BRIDGES.

But there are far more informed on the subject. :pray:

So I replied on Twitter so that I could tag the #Harmony Core Team members involved with this project and get some better feedback.

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Currently they just reported back asking for some support for specifically why Ergo should receive funding/attention.

I responded but I’m certain there’s other things I didn’t list, if anyone else wants to comment.

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[Minor edit]

Fair launch

Ergo was not VC funded and will only receive 4% to a foundation treasury for it’s operation, meaning that it is a fairly launched store of digital value.