Ergo Ecosystem Development Updates

As a tech secretary of Ergo Foundation, I am going to provides weekly updates for ecosystem developments, based on weekly chats happening over Discord (every Wed @ 1 PM UTC).

Current focus for Ergo Foundation is about stimulating delivery of DEX, cross-chain gateways (w. Gravity), and Ledger integration. However, as usually, other actors can deliver some other applications (it happened before already).


  • Contracts for both orderbook-based and AMM (automatic market-maker) DEXes are ready and in EIP-14 draft
  • Orders matcher is ready (actually, delivered many weeks ago)
  • However, for orderbook-based DEX good UI is hard. Thus AMM DEXes were chosen due to popularity and simple UI.

Gravity (by @mhs_sam ): "


  • Previous developer hasn’t delivered Ledger. Now a new contractor (a small company) is found, all the details pre-agreed, wait for an announcement and Ledger integration to be done in 3 months.

In next updates more on wallets, DApp bridge, node development and research.


Awesome, I’m very much looking forward to the DEX and especially Ledger Integration :pray:t2:.

could you please give an approximate time of when the SigmaUSD pair will be available for trading in exchange?

please sir @kushti fix RSV minting…

More development updates (from yesterday’s chat):



  • Development of offchain parts is going on (ergo-lib is wrapped into TypeScript, AMM pool actions being implementing in ergo-dex-sdk-js repository (in progress))
  • UI development is going on


Check new NFTs and tokens explorer made by community member LadoPixel : and